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Hey everyone, AniMuffin desu~~~ This will be the second last video of Hiroyuki Sawano special and which mark his best piano OST, in my opinion. This week I will present Ao no Exorcist OST, F -pfs-!!!

When I’m listening and playing this piece, I can feel tremendous amount of warmth inside my heart. This is the brilliancy of Sawano-san and this OST and I’m very touched by it. I watched Blue Exorcist years ago so I didn’t remember the plot very well, but apparently this piece is played when Oukuma’s “father” died.

And PLEASE FORGIVE ME for poor camera angle because my camera shifted -______- also at 2:03 I suddenly lifted my pedal which should not happen @@ Last, at the beginning I apply some rubato (slow down the tempo) to get the emotion (hopefully) so feel free to do that~

This is pretty much it, hope you guys enjoy the Hiroyuki month special! There is one more Hiroyuki’s OST left for me to cover and it will gonna be upload on Christmas Eve. This means Christmas special :DD Please look forward for that~

If you like this video, please tell your friend, family or anyone to listen to this song. I will appreciate a lot if you do so! Hope you enjoy the sheet and stay tune for the next video.


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Piano sheet


Piano Arrangement by AniMuffin

Title: F -pfs-
Anime: Ao no Exorcist
Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano

Descargar Ao no Exorcist OST – F -pfs- [Piano Arrangement + Sheet Music] : Fuente – Source

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