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I’m currently playing for the [SY] (Saiyans ESP) club, and I am playing a new tournament for them. This was my third match, Caeron. This one was for all the marbles: if I win this game, SY wins the matchup.

I want to also comment on a curiosity of the matchup: this is a thing I found a while ago that I didn’t know how or when to put to use, but I wanted to see if my idea of being able to forcefully put a player in a bad position would work or not. While I was doing “la manuelera” to run Caeron out of Full Power, I remembered a thing I was trying to find out: if the ball falls out of bounds at certain parts, the same player from your opponent’s team will throw the ball in bounds. At a certain point (around the second/third line for throw ins), the person who throws the ball in is the FW placed at that side.

I realized that would put Hino is a REALLY terrible angle if he wanted to use him, and it’d be very hard to use Hino at that bad angle. So I gambled and tried it: I knew FPS would end, and he would want to try another S77 shot, but at that horrible angle and with your ENTIRE team moving back once a ball falls out of bounds, it’s a lot easier to force him to take a bad shot and try to defend it from there. Sure enough: Caeron takes the bait and Hino exhausts himself, and I no longer have to worry about Hino scoring on me, just Santana.

Let’s see how the match unfolds!

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