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While researching my last Hunter x Hunter video on Gon and Meruem I came across a lot of interesting details in the Chimera Ant Arc. So I’ve compiled a Top 10 list of things you probably didn’t notice in the Chimera Ant Arc. For those who are curious to know before watching the full video here’s a hint on the topics:

1. Hunter x Hunter EP foreshadowing death
2. Kite = Kurama for Yu Yu Hakusho
3. Colt remembers his sister, or does he?
4. Thumbnail explained! Special thanks to reddit-user bennlimos on this one.
5. Togashi loves baseball – Beyond the names
6. Gyro will meet Gon?
7. Rammot’s hatsu
8. Gon has the eye of the Tiger
9. Netero’s nen and religion
10. Real life tragedies inspire Hunter x Hunter

All of the music is this video was sampled and remixed by my cousin. Below are the names of the ones I used in this video with a link to his soundcloud if you would like to listen to them:

1. Chaos Theory
2. Get Ready
3. The Dr. of Light
4. Chaos Theory (again)

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