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InuYasha Original Soundtrack 1 (OST 1) – Complete Tracks 1-38


0:00 Change the World
01:47 A Trip of Destiny
03:27 Episode Title
03:35 Half Demon InuYasha
04:48 From the Bone Eaters Well to the Feudal Era
07:05 Demon Sesshomaru
09:17 Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon Jewel
11:29 Sword of the Fang Tetsusaiga
12:27 Dilemma
13:50 Demon Charm
14:47 Eyecatch A
14:53 Across Time, Kagome
16:26 Light Hearted Beat
17:46 Cheer Up Hojo!
19:18 A Day in the Village
22:29 Searching for the Sacred Jewel
24:37 Old Flea Myoga
25:52 Sit Boy!
27:58 Little Fox Demon Shippo
29:07 Delinquent Monk Miroku
30:30 Wind Tunnel
32:28 Demon Slayer Sango
36:12 Fate and Love
39:14 Longing
41:21 Eyecatch B
41:29 Sign of Unrest
43:38 Evil Demon Naraku
44:51 Attack
47:12 Dead Soul
48:21 Misfortunate Priestess Kikyo
50:07 Sad Song
51:48 To the End of Sorrow
53:13 Kagome and InuYasha
56:34 Spiritual Power
58:10 Malice (Jaki)
59:24 Fight to the Death
1:00:30 Big Counterattack
1:01:44 My Will

***There is an extra 7 minutes of time left after My Will ends, this is an error. There is no additional music after the final track.***

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