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MORE EDITS// The distortion is gone! 😀 YouTube must have finally gotten around to fixing it.


EDIT//EDIT// Okay, so most of my videos have gotten horribly distorted. I may re-upload the most popular ones. I’ll keep the old ones up as well, but it’s incredibly annoying how they all have this awful distortion when they were perfectly fine before.

EDIT// This video won Category X at AI ^^

I did this whole video today, guys BD *pats self on back*
And good god I love this cover. Most under-appreciated band ever. You should all go love them with me.

Anime: Inuyasha
Song: Safe and Sound
Artist: Me vs. Gravity
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 12

EDIT// I’m submitting this video into a con contest. Figured I should put it in the description in case someone comes across this version and says I stole it or something. That would suck to be disqualified for your own work o.o

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