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Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
No Game No Life

-In episode 2, Stephanie Dola makes a fuss of her emotions towards Sora, and amid frustration, she shouts “WRYYYYYYYY!!” while striking a pose, directly referencing DIO in Part 3.

-In episode 3, Sora says Rohan Kishibe’s quote “But I refuse!” (Daga kotowaru), and then, he and Shiro pose like Rohan does, refusing Clammy Zell’s proposal, similarly to Rohan rejecting Highway Star’s proposal.

-In Episode 8, upon seeing the Eastern Federation’s ambassador, Izuna Hatsuse, Sora and Shiro shouts King Crimson!!, skipping time and warping themselves to Izuna’side, referencing Diavolo’s Stand and his ability, and there, Sora references Cioccolata’s petting of Secco after he did a trick with a huge text bubble full of よし.

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