Descargar (Sorta) Cosplay Tutorial: Inuyasha ver online


Beautiful little train wreak, isn’t it?

Informal little “how I get ready for Inuyasha” thing I thought would be interesting. I made this ages ago but never finished it since I messed up/forgot to film/my video corrupted so many things, but I gave it the best spit-polish I could to just get it up and done with.


0:00 Intro
1:12 Hakama & hanjuban (fir of the firerat)
2:22 Beads of subjugation
3:06 “Invisible socks”
4:09 Tetsigia tie string (& I realize I’m an idiot)
4:46 Eyebrow makeup
7:27 Coverup makeup
9:36 Nose shadow (optional)
10:21 Contacts
12:45 Putting (LONG) hair up
16:18 Wig cap/wig
17:39 Wig styling
21:05 Nails/claws
22:05 Nail polish
23:30 Photo-shoot photos


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