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True to its name, this short form IS short!

Stray Notes:

– This was one of the most difficult subjects, since Clannad is one of my favourite shows of all time
– I was gonna discuss time and space (since it likes to make references to Urashima Taro and The Dandelion Girl), but I decided to do something a little simpler
– And I say this as I am having second thoughts on the clarity of the video :c
– If you’re curious, I have some mixed thoughts on Clannad’s ending – I may elucidate on it further, but in short, I get what Maeda was trying to do, and I respect for him it, but I’m not the biggest fan of it
– I didn’t use Small Palms because copyright. Trust me, I would’ve loved to
– A polymorphic code is when something not only means something, but can also parallel, push a plot or narrative, or act as a secondary literary device


– You may find James Monaco’s “How to Read a Film” – a book I believe is absolutely essential to basic film theory (next to Leo Braudy’s Film Theory and Criticism) – to be helpful. Monaco’s use of the code is a great starter
– Bordwell, David, “Three Dimensions of Film Narrative”,
– I couldn’t find anything concrete that challenged or bolstered my argument, but Maeda did apparently make an interesting comment on how fixated he was on showing Fuuko’s character through her hands:


– Based Video Essay God Kogonada strikes again:
– Clannad
– Clannad: After Story


– Roaring Tides, Clannad OST
– Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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