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Screw King Records. They blocked my Toradora video worldwide again. I didn’t notice until now. So, like the other videos, I decided to just sing the song myself. I am sorry for the quality of this trash. If anyone wants to sing these songs themselves, send me a quick email. I’m tired of singing this stuff now. It seems I will have to do this with every new opening now.

On the positive, I am now going double time on my edits on the new opening. Prepare for the greatness. I am so close to being done. Trust me.

But, it still sucks that my second most viewed video is now gone. Screw King records. Screw that company, screw the CEO, and screw the workers. I hope they fall and go bankrupt so then I can buy the company cheap and personally fire every person who works for that trashcan of a company. If you or anyone you know has an acquaintance who happens to work at King Records, first kick the acquaintance in the balls and then kys for having known them.

Disclaimer: If you actually do know a King Records worker, kicking them in the balls is not necessary or suggested to do. Neither is killing oneself for knowing them. However, If you are unlucky enough to know a King records worker, do tell them that they are working for a douchebag company and can do much better than it. Then rip their jugular out.

Disclaimer: Ripping jugular is not necessary or recommended. It was a joke.

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