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Opening in theaters and VOD August 10th

Directed by: Sebastian Gutierrez

Starring: Abbey Lee, Ciarán Hind, Dylan Baker, Carla Gugino & Matthew Beard

Nothing is as it seems in this brain-bending plunge into our darkest desires. Elizabeth (Abbey Lee), a beautiful young newlywed, arrives at the palatial estate of her brilliant scientist husband Henry (Ciarán Hinds). Ensconced in modernist luxury with an obedient—if slightly unsettling—house staff (Carla Gugino & Matthew Beard), she has seemingly everything she could want. But one mystery tantalizes her: what is behind the locked door to Henry’s laboratory that he has forbidden her to enter? When an inquisitive Elizabeth dares to find out, everything she thought she knew about her husband—and about herself—will change. Elizabeth Harvest casts a spell of creeping Gothic menace as it unravels a disturbing tale of identity, obsession, and twisted love.

A machine that can bring back dead loved ones seems like a great idea — until you unleash the wrong spirits. Thomas Mann and Nicola Peltz star in this sci-fi skin-crawler.

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