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Fighting for country. At war with themselves. A contemporary trailer for Oliver Stone’s Oscar-winning 1986 Vietnam War movie “Platoon”. This is a fan-made trailer, so please tell me what you think.

How do you cut a better trailer than the outdated original? Start by dropping right into the jungle and setting up a central problem: these soldiers know that they’re losing the war to an enemy they rarely even see. Introduce characters and build the ominous atmosphere so that the transition into battle feels chaotic. Capture the moral and physical conflicts between members of the platoon, and hint at a major falling-out between Barnes and Elias. Leading into the climax, slow things down with music that evokes the film’s majesty but also amplifies the intensity. Anchor it all with a solid copy line. And lastly, almost never show the enemy.

I own no rights to any of the content.

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