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Every generation, a slayer is born. One girl in all the world. A chosen One. Get ready for the next chapter.

It’s Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – RESURRECTION.
Featuring the entire original cast from the cult hit series.

Yes, this is FAKE. It’s a fan trailer. A concept trailer. Following the success of other revived TV shows like Will and Grace and Roseanne (RIP) I’d love to see them give Buffy another shot. There is talk of the series being rebooted (similar to the Charmed reboot) but I’d love to see them use the original cast.

I originally planned on extending this trailer and including ALL the minor characters (like Buffy’s mom, Cordelia etc) but I couldn’t get the pacing right.

The cast featured in this video are Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers, Alyson Hannigan as Willow, Nicholas Brendon as Xander, Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn, Anthony Stewart Head as Giles, James Marsten as Spike, Amber Benson as Tara, Emma Caulfield as Anya, David Boreanaz as Angel, Eliza Dushku as Faith.

The Buffy cast have all mentioned an interest in returning at various points (as long as Josh Whedon is involved), so this might one day happen. Until then this trailer is about as close as we’re going to get.

Footage used in this trailer came from the following sources
Vampire Academy
Vamps (Russian)
Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
Do You Take This Man
Faking It
The Brother
The Split
Dudes and Dragons
Sister Cities
The Crazy Man
Self Obsessed
Training Day
The Telling of the Shoes
Sunday Morning (short)
The Saint

Burnt Spirit by Kevin McCloud at Incompetech.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer original theme by Nerf Herder.

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