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A spoiler-lite promo-reel I cooked up celebrating FX’s excellent series, JUSTIFIED. It’s a truly underappreciated show and more people need to go out and watch it. The series lasted for six solid seasons, telling its story without ever outstaying its welcome. If you enjoy the idea of a crime drama mixed with a western, and have a thing for well written characters and dialogue, I wholeheartedly recommend it. The series was adapted from Elmore Leonard’s short story ‘Fire in the Hole’.

I plan on making another video discussing the series, one that focuses on what made the series so great. It will be a follow-up to this.

Clips from ‘Justified’ remain courtesy of Sony Pictures Television Inc. and Bluebush Productions, LLC © TM & Copyright 2010-2015

‘Chase’ by Steve Porcaro remains courtesy of Nadusib Fare Records, Inc. © TM & Copyright 2015

‘The Preacher’ by Jamie N Commons remains courtesy of KIDinaKORNER and Interscope Records © TM & Copyright 2013

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Edited by Rambling Ryno, © 2017

(Inspired by Joel Warden)

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